Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Uggs of my life

I love my fellow blogger Clevergirlgoesblog. She truly is a talented person who has a way with words. Anyway this week was a very promising week at the salon. The end of the week really was a bang! The good thing is the early part of next week is going to be a bang as well. I have a busy day at work tomorrow and Monday I'm doing a big ticket service.
That's where the Ugg love came into play. In my little lucy head I reasoned that the love of my Uggs should no longer be through the admiration of someone else's feet. Every person that would walk in with a pair I would follow their feet until I could no longer see the Ugg covered feet with the Ugg label branded on the back. I would begin to act very childish and stomp my feet and poke out my lip with envy.
So then it happened... the loc extensions deposit my client left me. It was the greatest feeling I had felt in a long time. Not to mention deposits mean commitment. That just the deposit!!! I still get more money at the end of the service! yippieeeeee!!!!!! Then the week got even better people were calling for me and needing chemical services. Not to mention two stylist were out of town this weekend.
Okay so I know I was suppose to be hoarding that money for God knows when the next whirl wind of clients are coming. Sighhh but they are my beloved UGGS. I wish I could take a pic and show them too all you judgmental already wearing Ugg boot people. They feel sooooo good on my feet.
Paying Mortgage and other bills $5140(probably more than that), warm soft fury Pewter Uggs $Priceless. Assuming I become homeless they will keep my feet toasty and stylish.
I'm just kidding people but seriously they did bring me the most wonderful temporary high!
Even better than sex. At least that what I'm telling myself.

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