Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today was a good day. No highs or lows just good in the sense that it was regular. I went to work and church. I looked cute in my outfit. Broke as all get out but I was decked out.

My new baby niece has finally entered the world. She is a healthy 8pd 6oz Scorpio, born today November 9th 2008. Wow she is really here, I mean I knew eventually she was coming but now its weird, a new edition to our family and it seems as if la di da life carring on as usual. Her birth had me reflecting on family for a while today. Its wild how out there in the universe perhaps all these unborn spirits are waiting if and when they will be the next to live here on earth. The only catch is:1. you have no memory of any prior life be it spirit or not. can't pick your destiny (some never make it past an embryo) and 3. you can't pick your family.
I know it sounds crazy but think about it. I mean what if they could choose. I mean wouldn't that be something. Especially for those who think they are doing a good job parenting now. What if they never got picked.

Now after your born to whomever your born too you spend the rest of your young adult life trying to be nothing like them. Thinking that the people you chose to be with ie friends and acquaintances are better just to realize when you get older that they all drive you mad at some point and they feel the same about you. I don't really know where I was going with all this except to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rayvn Broadus!!!! Welcome to your life here on earth! Don't screw up. Auntie loves you and can't wait to meet you.

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