Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Special Request

Once again another lovely day. I haven't found a new place to dwell in because the one in the city is still being occupied and won't be available until its too late. So I'm still on with my quest. Today was work as usual except not. People are so amusing. My client/ friend was truly offended by a co-worker but yet she doesn't realize her part in it. Needless to say that sparked a conversation this morning I was so not trying to have. Interesting thing though... you never know what sets people off these days. (ie my blog) RichAnt is sighing...................and now having a thought??????? and now she is moving on.

I went to church yesterday after work. I haven't been on a Tuesday since before football season. Actually before that because I was working to pay for the move. Gosh its all a big blur. Anyway its our 91st anniversary and we are celebrating by having a revival all week.
I'm glad to be getting back to at least doing that. I need it in so many ways.

I heard a story about a boy who went camping with his father and other brothers. They were all told by their dad to go in different directions and gather some sticks and limbs for fire. Well the young boy was seven at the time. He went in one of the directions his father instructed. He had some toy guns in his holster. He than began to pretend to shoot all the imaginary bad guys out there. The little boy had gotten so engrossed in his playing that he hadn't even realized how far he wondered away. Not to mention darkness had fallen so quickly. (Pause)
You ever notice how when you are somewhere completely dark and scary your sense of sound is exaggerated? Well to this young boy all the sounds of the forest sounded very big and very scary. The young boy then begins to yell DADDY!!!!! DADDY!!!! DADDY!! and he hears no answer. He begins to cry and starts to feel trapped. So he tries once more and yells out as loud as he could DAAADDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the voice of a man cries out son I hear you. Then the father proceeds to tell his child just keep calling out my name and I'm coming to get you!

The moral of that story is, that even in your darkness hour just call on the name of Jesus and keep calling out because he will hear the sound of your voice. Even when you feel trapped and scared keep calling JESUS!!!!! JESUS!!!! JESUS!!!! He will help you out of the wilderness. However you must remember to also even in your storm praise his name for this too shall pass. Change is going to come. Just know there is work involved in change. Faith without works is dead. So pray for our new president-elect. No one man can solve our problems but through Christ he is strengthen and can do all things.

I didn't plan to go all gospel on you guys. Some of you may have different beliefs than I do. However I know we can all agree than our country is suffering. The average American is in a financial strain. The new president-elect can not do it alone. Whatever we as citizens can pitch in and do to help, just do it. But for those of you who do believe in the power of prayer we need to be in a constant state of intercessory prayer. Not just for ourselves but for Obama, our other government officials, our families, our friends, our neighbors, co-workers, our allies, and even our enemies. Somebody is praying for us. So usher in the spirits to help turn this economy around.

Peace and Blessings my fellow web friends.

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