Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just chit chat

I have not had too much to blog about and believe it or not somethings I'd rather just keep in my written journal. Yes its true I don't blog about everything.
Anywayz I would rather do any and everything else than get ready to move again! I am so not looking forward to it. Just the mere thought exhaust me. I haven't even been dumpster diving for boxes. I actually unpacked in record time the last time and set all those boxes out for recycle!
Well this week I've done two things to go with this new Artsy person who goes out and mingles with other like minded people. I joined weight watchers again and joined again. All of which in the past have encouraged me to excersise and give me an extra switch in my step. Its all good inspite of the fact that I'm 35 and will be living with my Granny in the basement with my two teenage kids. I'm still sexy and fabulous. I'll just tell people I'm helping take care of my elderly grandparent...hehehe how cleva! Its funny because I definitely don't want a brotha that lives at home or with a roommate for that matter. One of us has to have it together! Ha ha I crack myself up. Hey you have to laugh at yourself sometimes.
Now hummm what else...I bought some fresh new black clothes for under $100 who knew looking this good could be so darn cheap! Just imagine if I were smaller, the possibilities would be endless!
Oh yeah I remember now! Last night I was on myspace trying to trick out my page and the list from Etsy reminded me of how much I missed them. So went for a visit but my laptop needs a serious overhaul so the chat rooms were impossible to get in. So I browsed around so see some perhaps good X-Mas gifts or inspiration for a painting. I found a lot of both needless to say. I found some of the most beautiful art cards (that are prints Mommy) I really need to get back on my art game especially if I want to be taken seriously.

{Inside thought}
"Why does any Mariah Carey song make me miss Eeyore I'm at work being tortured by a series of beautiful sad music by her. And why does the music play so loud anyway? Its suppose to be back ground noise if I'm not mistaken!"
{Thought over}

Okay so back to art. I wish I had real studio somewhere with great natural open airy space and lots of sunlight. Studios are a great source of inspiration for artistic people. Fashion designers, interior designers, writers, photographers, Sculptors, rappers, and singers. They all need a place separate from the rest of their life. That way they can sit think and draw in the spirit from God to manifest the inspiration to do what it is they do.
Now do not get me wrong some of the best things are created in chaos. However I can speak for many that prefer solitude to create in.

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