Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Independence priceless....off with my head!

Well I guess the whole "please leave comments on my blog" isn't working or no one is reading....

Well I suppose for now its cool. I just enjoy doing what I do. Well thank you anonymous and it looks like tomorrow you will be the winner!

Now getting on to the reality show of my life. People are funny and I truly don't mean in a comical since either. Okay ...so everyone knows that I've been dating. Well in the dating world there will be hits and misses. More misses than hits and that's to be expected. So the date from Saturday wasn't the most awesome detailed inspiring night...but I thought maybe one or two more dates I could tell if he was worth exploring. WRONG wrong wrong and I'm not even mad. I would prefer people show their true intentions right from the start. Cut to the chase people, please by all means.

Okay now, after seeking the advice of some well seasoned DIVA's I accepted invitations from gentlemen callers that are much older than I.

To my surprise.... I can't believe I didn't explore this sooner! Its the older ones who seem to love my profile! I mean I don't blame them of course...whats not to love. Hehehe.
They are usually very well established and have a clear picture of what they want and like. And they don't have time for the BS. They also don't seem to be very nasty men either. Meaning they are very selective about they woman the choose to entertain. Not all but most of the older men I've chatted with....

Well anywayz I met a 52 year old guy for coffee last night and we sat and talked for a good while. We even talked for awhile when we got in for the evening.

Now here is were people blow you.....

On my way in I made a phone call to one of my family members "the queen".

*hmmmm thought.....new idea for {labels} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The Queen"

She asked how my day went and I proceeded to tell her. Work was great I even did a call in for a full sewn in weave. The lady came all the way from the eastern shore! Then I told her I was coming from a quick mini date at the coffee house and how I had such a lovely time. My day was excellent in my opinion. "The Queen" asked if it was the same guy from Saturday. I told her no and that that date didn't work out. I was telling her how nice the guy was when SCCCRRRRRRHHHH!!!...."The Queen" interrupts me and says that if I plan to live in her castle "There will be none of that". OFF WITH MY HEAD! She proceeded to tell me how much she didn't like my serial dating and how these men could follow me home. (as if a crazy person couldn't randomly follow me home from any public place)

Now don't get me all wrong. I understand that there are some sick people out there. However as time and work gets tighter in today's fast paste world. You have to evolve. Especially if you want a life. The Internet can be dangerous but it can also be very helpful. Just like meeting someone at a bar or grocery store can also be dangerous.
However when someone tries to suppress your consciousness because of their own dislikes and hang ups it is such a kill joy.

But to add insult to injury "The Queen" tells me I don't need to be worrying about no date at this time right now anyway! OFF WITH MY HEAD!

I know because being 35 and moving in with "The Queen" with two children because I need to do some major regrouping and I'm fat. All that makes me and undesirable candidate anyway. Because that's whats going on right now in my life.

How dare I have the audacity to still want to enjoy my life regardless of my circumstances. I deal enough with my own kill joys of having to pack YUCK! Pay for storage Yuck!... and coming to terms with the fact that I have royally screwed myself up!Yuck! And having to move to the castle. Yuck!
However....everyday that I'm living is a gift from God and its a day to forget about the past nothing can change it. Learn from it and move on. This truly is a wonderful life and its worth living with an exclamation point!!!!!!!

I work and I take care of my children, I praise God, and I want to have me time to do me. Be it painting, blogging, dating, or checking out the latest hot spots in the area's night life.

I'm having fun now....Oh God I'm gonna miss this kitchen! On Turkey Day me and my Kids are going to have a wonderful feast. Our last totally rocking dancing in the kitchen awesome good eats night on Euro. But hey I'm blessed and so Thankful and God truly is good. He just has a since of humor.

The castle will truly make for some good bloggin.....
I laugh at the possibilities.

I'm off to do some grocery shopping and run a few more errands before I go on a late lunch date this afternoon. This guy is 48.....OFF WITH MY HEAD! Chiao....


Anonymous said...

wow your queen sounds familiar is her name Elizabeth r u movin 2 England...

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Queen!!! Better u than me!

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