Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm dating again....

Okay as you all probably know the lovers that I've that I've talked about in previous blogs are not people. For those of you who didn't get it read labels "My Lovers". They are about the hobbies I love.
Now in recent weeks I've started this whole get a life campaign. Which is weird because I have a laundry list of things to do when not working and spending time with my kids. But as you all know I'd much rather do absolutely none of them. So instead I have found things to do on the weekends either alone or with someone. Then to add to the mix I've decided to get back into dating and meeting new people of the male persuasion. Its been great thus far. I have lots of guys who IM me and I even went out this weekend with a very nice gentleman from a dating website.
Its fun to get dressed up and hang out in DC with some different people. Even if there is no love connection just the whole guy has car and picks you up and takes you to dinner is nice. Although I must say the man I hung out with this weekend was very nice. I would go out with him again.

Hmmm there are so many. I should be busy for quite a while on the weekends. Besides the fact it gives me the opportunity to go to places I've been dying to try. It is also nice that at the end of the evening your date really thinks your great! They adore you so much they can't wait to see you again.
My alter ego her name is Violet. She is sexy, charming, flirtatious, and very self confident. She has the audacity to be free of the hangs ups. She is proud of her thick curvy body. She knows how to throw her head back and laugh while touching her chest. She makes the man feel admired but all the while he is mesmerized by her.

Well its Sunday now and in about 50 minutes I'll be at work. Then after that at 6:30 Communion at church.

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Rhaingel said...

A nice day ahead, huh... it's nice to read something like this, very uplifting. :)

Good luck to your future dates. :D

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