Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comfort Zone

Hey all you webheadz Good Morning! I myself am waking up with a headache and it feels like sinus pressure. Where from and why I don't know. Except I do know sometimes its triggered by fatigue. After work yesterday I went home to get a little R&R before venturing off to Georgetown for Fotoweek on M street. I went to an event called Slideluck Potshow. Its a slideshow presentation where its run on donations and potluck dishes or byob. I wanted to present my art work on a 2-d slideshow but I didn't find out about until Friday.
Okay now first getting there was interesting in and of itself. 1. for someone who wants to live in DC I have no real concept of how to get around in the little metropolis. I mean I know things go in alphabetical and numerical order. But just knowing exactly where stuff is I'm so clueless! And guess what, I hate it! I don't apologize for growing up sheltered in the suburbs but part of me wishes I at least drove sooner than later. Say like 16 instead of 24. Maybe even if I would've had a Dad that was normal who had a place in DC. For some odd reason I favor northeast over southeast. mmmmm go figure. Anywayz... I would've perhaps learned these things a long time ago. I mean DUH why didn't I realize M street Northwest meant Georgetown DUH! Totally blonde moment. I laughed at my self once I realized the direction I was heading in.
There was a time when anything west meant high end upper class northwest or southwest now anywhere is fair game. All the hip, young, urban, eclectic, artsy, and predominantly white people are buying up everything and fixing the places up. And guess what they are the ones moving in. They aren't tripp'n that around the corner its a bad area. They just write and call their elected officials and get more police canvasing the area. We just move or deal with or be a part of the problem. Not all of us but alot of us.
Getting back to Fotoweek... I finally made it. Even with GPS I got a little turned around then I had to find parking. I parked in a garage. I kept thinking I hope this is safe I'm out here alone. Which goes to show you how bad I wanted to go. So anyway I walk inside and of course the place is great. People, loud but great music, and a really nice studio. The place had exposed brick everywhere and polished concrete floors, and open airy two story ceilings. Oh and exposed metal ducts. It felt urban and fresh. The displays on the wall were awesome!!!! Mostly photography of various things but some 2-d of artwork was displayed as well. Oh yeah the potluck smelled wonderful so I went to go see about that.
Let's just say there were people gathered everywhere and they don't move when you say excuse me. Nor when you just squeeze and push your self through them. Now I'm hot yet still cute and artsy in all my Gypsieish SharylB designs. However I found the beverages and yes I had to have a glass of wine. The food looked yummy and there were all types of homemade dishes. But then I thought strangers from everywhere bought food...and now strangers from everywhere are serving themselves. I wasn't so hungry anymore needless to say. I had a vision of some non-hand washer just shaking the had of some other non-hand washer/ booger picker who had their hands in that food. No thanks.
I walked around and sipped on my glass slowly because I knew wasn't about to fight through that crowd again to get another beverage. Besides the fact it doesn't take much for me to feel tipsy and I'm driving. I wished someone was with me because you could only stare a the exhibits but so long. People were chit chatting everywhere. I was way out of my comfort zone. Yet thinking "hello this is where you want to be! It's what you've dreamed of! So go talk and mingle" I mean here I was all the way in Georgetown with photographers and artist from DC, New York, Canada, and other places. Yet I was frozen standing there just watching and not saying a word.
Then it dawned on me "these people don't know you nor have they ever heard of you so who cares what they think relax." So that is what I did and I talked to so many interesting people and got names and numbers. I actually had a good time. The slideshow presentation was great although it didn't start on time so when they had an intermission I was ready to go. So I said goodbye to a few of my new acquaintances on my way out, dashed across M st and down into the almost empty garage. Hopped in my ride pushed play on the CD track number two of Terrance Howard and sang along "Shine Through It" as I drove home to Bowie, MD. I came, I conquered, and I left.

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