Friday, August 15, 2008


In my last blog I vented now I'm back to being my creative self. I have a new blackberry,its red and new and shiny and new upgrades. I got my children new phones too. The best part is with all the instant rebates I paid almost nothing for the phones. The children are happy for the moment. 11 more days til school starts back up yay!

Now I've been working on these pendants to add to my Etsy store. You know like just some small cutesy but with just a tad bit of that handmade look to them clay pendants.
They are easy to make but not so easy to make so that they don't look mass produce but also don't look like cheap crafty crap. Anyway I'm going to paint and varnish them when I'm done. Oh yeah and I finished my abstract piece but it needs a coat of varnish. I like working with the acrylic paint molding paste. Everyday I think more and more about doing hair at home that way when I'm not busy I can be in my studio working on my art. Well I gotta run the clients are here.Also I must remember to pick up some batteries today. Between the camera and remote control and IMaingo. I can't function.

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