Monday, August 18, 2008

new direction

While some things haven't changed. Like my love life...actually that's not entirely true. I have and still am learning to love myself. Taking care of me first has been something I'm slowly discovering isn't a bad thing. Although I still have the biggest love for a certain special someone I now know how to even keep myself from being tangled in that web.

Now for my new love. Yep its what has inspired me to blog and run home and create. The power to take something from my imagination and put it on canvas is still very amazing to me. I mean I can give some credit to my parents but GOD himself is in me.
In my head I walk around with theme music. I want to put on cute artsy clothes. Its all I want to discuss with my clients and friends. However I now feel I a real need to sharpen my skills and get some formal training. Perhaps even a mentor in the art world. There are so many things to learn. I'm learning some hard lessons now. They say those real life experiences are the best ones to learn.
Then there are the times I can't get out of my head with all the ideas from what my next piece is going to look like to where should I live to be closer to an artsy urban environment.
I've been searching for some grant money online. I want to get my Associates degree in fine arts at Corcoran School of The Arts at the Corcoran Museum. I want to work on some really great pieces, so by the early spring I can start going to some Galleries to get some representation. However in the mean time I need to get some good pieces done so that I can have my own exhibition by mid October.

I'm even ready to start making the transition from the salon to my home. I figure with the high rent and scheduling my own appointments, I might as well. Of course still keeping it very posh and professional. Also staying up on the trends and education.
All this must still be in order with God has in store for me. So I must pray and sit still and listen.

I just have a very unshakable optimistic outlook on what greatness is about to unfold in this new direction my life is going in.

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