Friday, August 8, 2008

The migraine from hell!!!

Whew it has finally subsided. The headache I started out with ended up a being a serious nauseasing migraine from the depths of hell. I mean it just continued to get worse and worse. I was even wanting my mommy. I left work without even saying bye. Went straight up to my room and got undressed and went to bed. I woke feeling somewhat better but little mr. Migraine was still very close by. Then out of nowhere my head felt like a jack hammer was digging away at my skull. I had gotten so nauseas that when I finally just let go I ran to the bathroom threw up then I felt unbelievably better. I was almost tempted to go down and log onto etsy. Heck even start a painting but my body I think was telling me to get my behind to bed at a decent hour. I'm just glad that's all over. Tomorrow will be good!!!!

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