Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm a tree cat lady

I started my day as usual...having a complete misconception of time and as a result LATE AGAIN. A guy came to deliver a used fridge because the old one wasn't keeping our food. Mmmm... it will hopefully serve its purpose but its a bit beat up. Anyway I have this thing about leaving the kitchen in disarray hoping it will lead into a trend of continued cleanliness but so far it has not worked. Not even with the grown people who live with me. Sighhhh. Oh yeah, as I was saying I ran to get dressed at 10am (I'm suppose to be gone by 10am) and then get distracted by an HGTV episode of that show where they match the inspiration room. Anyway that was a big no no. I HAVE TO DRIVE TO LAUREL AND BE TO WORK BY 11AM! So needless to say I'm on my way to Laurel at umm lets say about 10:50. Oh and did I say I need to get gas.
Ummm lets just say thank God for assistance and great co-workers. I was a whole hour and fifteen minutes late. Yeah she had been started but only after waiting thirty minutes. She wasn't mad but I definitely had to compensate her for lost time. YUCK I hate having to do that. I need all my monies.
One might ask why didn't you just go to Laurel later? Well because I had absolutely no products left. I had been stretching what I had until I had some extra cash.
Well the day didn't turn out to be a total bust my last client rescheduled for Saturday so I came home early. I rested up a bit than jumped into my painting. I had the music playing loud (preggo wasn't home) and I was in a zone. However I still couldn't resist the chat room on etsy. Its addictive and the other etsyians say the same thing. We could all get some work done if we weren't in the darn chat rooms.
They are so much fun not only does it get you more views, but you can run chat room specials, get your hearts bumped up. Most importantly you develop a network and good friendships. Yay one of the positives of the world wide web.

Once I'm done with my custom orders I am going to do a few abstracts for my online gallery.
I'm also debating on separating the mini art cards from my canvases. I know I should at least redo them on the scanner and re-list them.
I'm out of copper and pewter paint! Shoot I was trying to finish all the back grounds tonight. Oh well. I'm going to bed then. After I have a peanut butter jelly sandwich. :)

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Preggo said...

Hey there RichAnt. The grown up who lives in the basement DOES clean up after herself in the kitchen. If you have a problem with the disarray of the kitchen take it up with the grown up who lives upstairs and the children!~

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