Monday, August 18, 2008

Family, Art and The Future

Sunday started off very very good even in the wee am hours of Sunday morning. I laid around for awhile but then I eventually got out. I did get to go over to the art gallery in north bowie yesterday. I am considering their artist of the month program.Its kind of not what I expected. But mmm we shall see.

Anyway I finally made it over to Shelly's and I helped out and had a really nice time. Taprina came as well.Her family was really nice.But before you knew it, it was time to pick up the children from their dads house.So on the way home the the cherry on the cake was seeing my brother I hadn't seen since my son was a baby.Before that I hadn't seen him since he was a baby.So it was a very happy moment.I stayed for a minute and got to see his sister Peahes but I missed his mom.
Anyway I had a wonderful day

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