Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dreams can come true

There are plenty of people who can testify to this. While I was out and about in the world today watching people go about their day appearing to be happy. (I say appear because you just never know whats lurking inside) Anyway I started to wonder about my own happiness. I noticed that all the things I thought were happiness were all external. You know more money, car, purse, house, a man, a slim figure the list goes on and on. However that's not true happiness because if those very same things are gone than I would no longer be happy. How about most of those things I don't have now and I'm not sad. Do I have stresses and bills...of course who doesn't. The one thing I'm learning about life is even amongst all the drama and road blocks, there are still some small things you can relish.

Now getting to the dreams. I know there are only a small few who just had good luck or a family fortune. Yet the vast majority of people who have had good success worked really hard and persevered. There are so many self made Moguls or no so Moguls people in this world. Some had far more dramatic road blocks and set backs than I could ever care imagine. So I know in my hearts of hearts that the only thing stopping me is ME!
God gave me a talent to create things with my hands and I know he designed this in me for a specific purpose.
I just have to allow him to order my steps and work hard. Only thing is old habits die hard. Its so much easier to just sit and be lazy. Just think if the whole world were to persevere and focus where mankind could be. I know I have to set goals, then set small specific goals that lead up to larger ones.
Its funny how three simple words have so much profound power JUST DO IT! I don' think Nike even realizes the profoundness of that statement. I also know that accountability helps. For some people its a friend or group that can help them stay on track. Even administer some tough love when necessary. I know one small goal I want to start. Going to bed by 12:00 midnight at the latest and up and out of the bed by 6:00am at the latest. After that putting on work out clothes and shoes and going walking for at least 30 minutes.
These are the two main goals I've decided to start with. Only because my health, rest and my time set the solid foundation for the rest of my goals to be set upon.

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