Thursday, August 31, 2017


Hey guys in light of all the devistation hurricane Harvey has caused the people of Houston, Texas I wanted to do my part. So I created this painting for raising money to help a family or families in need. I think the large organizations, churches, and charities are doing a wonderful job. Especially when it comes to food, shelter, and clothing. However I'm thinking about the long haul. Like how long will insurance companies take to pay claims or what if there was no insurance? How long will it be before adults in the famalies be able to return to work? What if their work was affected by the storm? There is so much to factor into the recovery process for these people. 
I've decided that I will be donating 100% of the profits from merchandise sold that bares the title Hope4Houston. The goal is to somehow through a church or shelter adopt a family or families and provide them with a small form of financial relief. This will hopefully help with cost outside of food and shelter. 
So hop on over to or click on the image and shop to support this cause. Peace & Grace. 

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